Vehicle simulator is a game in the roblox system, quite popular, but at the same time rapidly gaining popularity. The mode differs from others in that during the game you interact not with your character, but with the selected car. The game allows you to enjoy racing in a huge city. Tricks and a huge number of secrets-this is what awaits you using the cheat on Vehicle simulator. The developers have provided for the presence of 55 cool models. And absolutely every player will find a car to their taste and pocket. Of course, all models are purchased for internal coins that you need to earn on the races. It is noteworthy that there are different types of races: water, air, as well as land, transport is appropriate.

Cheat functions:

COOL STUFF - allows you to quickly and cost-effectively move to a specific location, such as a garage or car store.

MAK SPEED - allows you to control the speed of the car, respectively, it can be increased.

FRONT HEIGHT - will help you lift the front of the car when moving. In some cases, the script can be very useful.

REAR HEIGHT - allows you to raise the rear of the car. This and the previous script can be used in combination.


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