Excellent, and most importantly free cheat Electron lvl 7 executor for Roblox. This cheat will allow you to inject lvl7 scripts (for synapse x). This cheat is better than Synapse X even by design, so download and try this cheat, as it is a great replacement for Synapse X. As you can see in the screenshot, Electron has a great and nice GUI interface, which is very simple and intuitive. The cheat is fully working on all Roblox modes.

Start-up instructions:

1.Start the Roblox game

2.Turn off the antivirus and download the cheat from our website

3.Run the cheat and go through the key step of the process.

4.After receiving the key, insert it in the key field and click "Continue".

5.It will offer you the scope of the script execution, so you will need the script to use the hack.

6.After you have selected your desired script from our site, paste it into the execution field.

7.Now click the "Run" button! The script should work for the specific game you are trying to hack.

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